Bootcamp Classes

Man, woman, old, young, fit…. not-so-fit?  Brick House Bootcamps are for YOU!  Our coaches are trained to recognize each person’s limits and capabilities.  Our coaches won’t let you sell yourself short.  If they see you using a 5 pound kettlebell but know you’re capable of hurling up a 10 pounder, they’re gonna tell ya, bump it up!  Flip side – if the class is busting out their second set of push-ups and your wrist is screaming at you to stop, they’re trained to get you into another move that will eliminate that pain but keep you moving.  Regardless of your station in life, Brick House Built will take you to the next level, safely.  We can’t promise you won’t be sore from our killer bootcamps and personal training though!!!  No pain, no gain!  Bottom line: this isn’t your momma’s bootcamp.  This is serious get-fit training!

BOOTCAMPS: Bootcamps consist of inside training in a supportive environment.  At our bootcamp classes, you can expect running/walking, cardiovascular challenges, partner exercises, athletic drills, resistance training, relay races, bodyweight resistance, weight training and much more. Each workout includes a warm-up, work-out and stretching, but everything in the middle will be a unique work out designed to help you reach your fitness goals.